Career Map Strategy

Career Planning and Coaching Workbook from The Balance Collective

Don't let life pass you by; get clarity on your career and regain your work-life balance.

My Career Map Strategy has been compiled to share with you my 15 years plus career and business coaching experience, with my unique perspective in work-life balance, to enable craft your ideal career plan.

This workbook is your guide. It will help you understand yourself better, to identify what you want to, what skills and experience you can channel into your career and then, finally, choosing your own path!

The first step in the journey starts with YOU! 

You will finish the workbook with clarity around who you are and what you should be doing next!

You get to work on it on your own time, at your own pace. The workbook is yours for life!

You are much more in control of your career than you may think. Despite what we may have been told by our Secondary School Teachers, careers aren't linear or stage by stage.

I have lost count of a number of people I have coached during my career who have traversed across a variety of sectors, roles and technologies, all whilst having lots of fun and building successful careers.

Life  brings with it changes in what we want from our lives and careers; progression, new job purpose or a different work-life balance are just three types of goals my client work through.

If you know you want to make a change, but don't even know where to begin (or you know a colleague, friend or family member that feels the same) then this is the workbook for you.

You will receive:

1. 15-page workbook, based on my 1:1 successful career coaching strategy

2.  Lifetime access to my Facebook Group, The Balance Collective with Clara Wilcox, where you can network and learn

3. Regular  #CareerMap Q&A sessions and bonus coaching and challenges within the group

You will get a 15-page workbook to uncover and plan your ideal career

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Clara WIlcox
Clara WIlcox
Owner - The Balance Collective

About the instructor

Hello, my name is Clara Wilcox, and I’m a straight talking, practical and experienced coach helping clients navigate the tricky waters of returning to work, career changes and professional development. The Balance Collective is a social enterprise focused on improving the lives of parents, by working together to build inner confidence and promote a healthy work/life balance.

I help parents, and people at a crossroads in life, to create the work-life balance they want through career, business and return to work individual and group coaching, as well as offering CV and flexible working request feedback, mock interviews and consultancy to business.

A qualified Coach (through the world’s leading coaching training provider The Coaching Academy)  I have built on over 15 years of recruitment, leadership, and coaching experience, and the most important qualification of all, being a parent, to create The Balance Collective.  My fascination with what “makes a person tick” and personal development started with my degree in Psychology, many moons ago, and has continued through my work as a Branch Manager of a bespoke recruitment consultancy, to my Management role in a not-for-profit employability skills organisation.

An eternal student, I am also a qualified Project Manager, DISC practitioner and Leadership and Management qualifications. Clients have commented that my approach “makes sense”; I like to call it “coachject management” (coaching and project management combined!)

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Instantly available workbook, plus lifetime access to a supportive Facebook Group.

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